Memorial Day Tribute

While growing up, I belong to various clubs where we would walk downtown to pay tribute to our fallen heroes. But being so young, I did not really understand what that actually meant. I knew my father and his brothers fought in WWII; however, they never spoke about their service. They wished to be prosperous and enjoy life.

Finally, I joined the US Army, am now a Veteran, and my late husband, Larry, fought in Vietnam. At times, he would mention a few items, but never in detail except for one item. He drove a truck from one point to another and the truck contained ammunition. Upon his destination, other soldiers came up to the truck and asked if he was okay. He stated he was and wondered why they were asking. The other soldiers told him about the bullet hole, and sure enough, when he got out of his truck and looked at his seat cushion, there was a bullet less than a half an inch from where his buttocks were placed. He stated he sincerely appreciated a seat cushion with some padding.

Years have gone by and each year, I am extremely thankful to the men and women who fought and died to keep our freedoms free!

Lastly, there is a multitude of Memorial Day Tributes on YouTube and they are definitely worth watching. This video looks at our, United States of America, history, which took my breath away: Memorial Day Tribute (Freedom is never free) - YouTube