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P.O. Box 1212

Naples, FL  34106-1213



Name:  Last:  ________________________________First___________________________________Middle_____________________________



Regular Member or Auxiliary Member (circle)      Status (circle):  Active/Retired/Former/Spouse (NOTE:  Verification of Service is highly recommended.)


Rank:  _________   Service:  ___________        If Auxiliary, state name/rank/service of Spouse:  _____________________________________


Date of Birth:  ______________(mm/dd/yy)                                           Spouses' Name:  _______________________


Southern Address:  ______________________________________________________________________________________________________




Northern Address:  ______________________________________________________________________________________________________




Reside in Florida:  ________ months per year


Telephone #:  ________________       Cell #:  _________________  Alternate:  _______________________


E-mail address:  _________________________________  MOAA Member # (if applicable):  ____________


Chapter Participation Interest (circle):   Annual Military Ball   JROTC Fundraising    Judicial/Legal matters   Presenters/Speakers    Public Relations  


Personal Affairs     Other:    ________________________________


Officers 90 years of age and older do not pay annual dues.  To facilitate your introduction to the membership, a brief resume of your military service is requested but not required.  Attach a copy of proof of warrant or commissioned service.


Your $30.00 Annual Dues may be paid by check (preferably) or online for $32.00. 

New Members:  Submit your application and verification to, pay online or mail to:  MOASWF Membership, P.O. Box 1212, Naples, FL  34106   

Renewals:  Annual Dues is due by January 15th of each year.  Pay online ($32.00) or by mail ($30.00).  Mail to:  MOASWF Membership, P.O. Box 1212, Naples, FL  34106  Annual Dues renewal will be sent out in November.  


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Military Officers Association of Southwest Florida,  P.O. Box 1212, Naples, FL  34106

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